Over 300 Online Matching Sessions to be Held, Extending Three Exhibitions’ Platform to Lead the Way
December 6, 2021 12:00

The “26th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair” (26th MIF), the “Macao Franchise Expo 2021” (2021MFE) and the “2021 Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao)” (2021PLPEX) will be held concurrently at the same venue from 10 to 12 December. This year, the three exhibitions have further upgraded the functions of online exhibitions and launched the 14-day online matching services for traders. As of 4 December, over 300 online matching appointments have been made.

Traders are satisfied with online matching arrangements, which help explore potential business opportunities

To help enterprises explore business opportunities in new business forms, online matching has become one of the highlights of the three exhibitions this year. Not only helping enterprises to break through time and geographic constraints, it also promotes cross-border collaboration and industrial synergy, creating more business opportunities. Participating exhibitors are satisfied with the overall arrangement of the online matching service, saying that it helps to extend the business platform, seek co-operation partners, explore markets, and identify potential business opportunities.

The person in charge of a mainland technology enterprise who participated in the online matching said that he took part in the business matching last year to discuss projects related to smart medical technology and had successfully found a partner. He also got to know the advantage resources for the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry in Macao. At this stage, his company will consider setting up a company in Macao and hopes to use Macao as a platform to “go global” in the future. He also mentioned that this year’s online matching service enabled more precise matching for other participants, and that his company had already reached preliminary co-operation intentions with one of the Macao enterprises, which will help the company explore market for their new products.

The person in charge of a mainland new retail e-commerce platform, who is a first-time user of the online matching service, said that conducting online matching before the exhibitions helped his company to gain a first-hand understanding of Macao enterprises’ views on e-commerce live streaming, which laid a good foundation for future co-operation between the two parties. He also found Macao’s featured products attractive and had already reached a clear intention to co-operate with three Macao exhibitors, hoping to collaborate with them through opening shops on their platform or live streaming. On the other hand, a Macao exhibitor engaged in dried seafood wholesale and retail said that the Organiser had sent their products to buyers in advance so that the buyers could get to know the features and advantages of their products in more a direct way, which would be conducive for communication and precise online matching at a later stage. He also mentioned that he was able to gain a better understanding of the market of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area by matching with mainland enterprises through online matching.

Online matching sessions covering a wide range of sectors including traditional Chinese medicine, technology and innovation industries

This year, the three exhibitions conduct the online matching for 14 consecutive days (from 29 November to 12 December) prior to the exhibitions. It allows purchasers and exhibitors to communicate with each other and get to know the products in advance to achieve better matching results. As of 4 December, over 300 online matching appointments have been made, with more than 200 participating enterprises, covering areas such as traditional Chinese medicine and big health products, science and technology projects, finance and investment, food and beverages, apparel and accessories. The enterprises are from Mainland China, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Macao and so on.

Online exhibitions with new communication function to trigger extensive business opportunities

The online exhibitions of the three fairs have introduced the “real-time online meeting” function and established a synchronisation mechanism with the Online Business Matching Service Platform (BM Platform), providing a business platform for local and overseas enterprises and professional buyers who cannot attend the exhibitions in person. By scanning the QR code, buyers can log into the online exhibitions of the three fairs on computer web page, as well as H5 and mini programme on WeChat. The buyers can also input keywords to search for potential exhibitors and conduct business matching and meeting in real time.

On the other hand, exhibitors can send “meeting invitations” and make video conference appointments with buyers; or use the four “online business matching rooms” in the Macao Pavilion for business meetings. It enables enterprises to expand their business and seize business opportunities through a variety of online and offline matching services.

For enquiries, please contact the MIF Coordinator on (853)2882 8711, the MFE Secretariat on (853)8798 9654, PLPEX Coordinator on (853)8798 9349, or email to info@mif.com.mo, sec@mfe.mo or info@plpex.mo. To learn the latest news, please subscribe to “MICE_IPIM” on WeChat, or visit the websites: www.mif.com.mo, www.mfe.mo or www.plpex.mo.

Online matching is one of the highlights of the three exhibitions this year

This year’s three exhibitions extend the online matching service to achieve better matching results

The online matching and meetings cover areas such as traditional Chinese medicine and big health products, science and technology projects, finance and investment, food and beverages, clothing and apparel.

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