The 26th MIF, 2021MFE & 2021PLPEX Postponed
October 2, 2021 15:30

The 26th Macao International Trade and Investment (26th MIF), the Macao Franchise Expo 2021 (2021MFE) and the 2021 Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao) (2021PLPEX), organised by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), were originally scheduled to be held concurrently at The Venetian Macau from 21 to 23 October. Due to the epidemic prevention and control measures, exhibitors and buyers need time to prepare for the exhibitions. In efforts to hold the three exhibitions to a high standard, generate the synergistic effect of boosting peripheral industries, and help participants seize business opportunities, the organiser has decided to postpone the exhibitions from 10 to 12 December.

 The organiser is actively following up on the event and notifying participants of the relevant arrangements through various media channels. For enquiries, please contact the MIF Coordinator on (853) 2882 8711, the MFE Secretariat on (853) 8798 9654, the PLPEX Coordinator on (853) 8798 9349, or email: info@mif.com.mo, Sec@mfe.mo, info@plpex.mo. To learn the latest news, please subscribe to MICE_IPIM on WeChat or visit the websites: www.mif.com.mo, www.mfe.mo, or www.plpex.mo.


2nd October 2021

Organizer of the 27th MIF: Macau Expo Group Co., Ltd.
223-22, Avenida Dr. Luo Liji, Macau
(853) 2882 8711
(853) 2882 8722
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